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Tektroit - by Dehko

Updated: Mar 23, 2023



11 tracks with features : Forever Meech , Wholehunnid Los , G.T , Talibando , Baby Para , Ybn Lil Bro , Baby Ghetto Boom , Snap dog , Somearubguy , Gmo Stax , Lil Blade , Lil Gaz

(song thats sticks out)

Track 1 : “ Infinity (2.0) “

You ever heard a track and wonder who made the beat ? As soon as you listen to this song you going ti lose your mind ! The beat its self was good but with the words this song is amazing .

Track 3 : “ Gotham “

The words in song is hard 🔥 its a good song !

Track 5 : “ The basics “

The beat and the words go so good together ! If you listen to this song it will have you really thinking . This song is on repeat right now i love it !!

Track 11 : “ Wrong again “

This song just does something to my soul ! I feel every word they said in song ! This song is amazing . Listen to it and im telling you , you will want to have this song on repeat its the best song i listened to yet !

over all Dehko has some of the most amazing songs i ever heard . The beats was right and heard 🔥 . The words are very ture in ever songs .. The platform was amazing!

I rate Dehko “ Tektroit “ a 10/10 . Listen to it and youll see for yourself

Written by @itssmeee.jd on instagram


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