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Tee Grizzley FT. SKILLA BABY ''Controversy" Review


Tee Grizzley FT. SKILLA BABY ''Controversy" Review

Tee Grizzley FT. SKILLA BABY ''Controver sy" ReviewRelease Date: April 27, 2023

Written May 1st

12 Tracks Featuring SKILLA BABY

Track 1:" Controversy"

The beat is not overwhelming. Every lyric sound like it belongs. I definitely give the engineer props.

Track 2:" Striker Music"

I'm lit off this one. I'm thugging down the freeway with the roof down volume up 😂. This beat is everything it instantly got me excited. This track is actually one of my favorites.

Track 3:'' Icewood''

The hook is perfect!! I replayed this track 5x within 10mins and the song is only 1:58 mins.. yea i restarted it 2x 😂.. do the math

Track 4:''Steppers''

Now that's how you lay your lyrics on a beat. Especially if you know how you about to freak the beat with your own flow.

Track 5:''Be Legit''

This track is also one of my favorites. Every verse is steady, and the song is perfect if you understand the lyrics its common sense.

Track 6:''Drop The Lo''

You can most definitely feel the flow.. got me wanting to slide ..😂 jp jp

Track 7:''Gorgeous''

This track screams me. I feel like that bihh when this song play '' MY FAVORITE WORD IS GORGEOUS'' It for sure gas me up❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Track 8:''Side Piece"

I love how this song is in 1st and 3rd person. This reminds me of my brothers when they talk to each other about they lil Yeahs 😂.

Track 9:''Really Rich''

The balance of the beat and the flow of the lyrics is crazy. They definitely road the beat full out.


Track 10:’’Aint Gonna Lie’’

Aye, I can’t lie they went straight in on this one. This is my top favorite.. I catch myself yelling “ I AINT GONNA LIE’’ out of no where. This song lives in my head rent free NO 🧢!!!

Track 11:''Grizzley Camp''

I felt this on another level the lyrics hit if you hearing the words correctly. I love how every track is a story

Track 12:''B&E PT. 1''

I can see this without watching video and its dope asf. I want to hear what's next I'm all here for PART 2..3.. and etc.

Written By @Bigedabratt On Instagram 💄💋

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