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Big Baby "Turkey Bag Bigs" Project Review

Big Baby “Turkey Bag Bigs ” Project Review

Big Baby Stamped His Own Tag On Every Track! This tape was very catchy even made me laugh hearing it.

“They Came All The Way From They City To Get They A** Beat Period! Talk Dat Sh* Big Baby”.

The Beat Selection is Top Tier. A classic yet groovy vibe.

Songs That Stuck Out The Most On This Tape:

“Born By The River”

Beat Sticks Out With The Sample Voice Playing Threw It Sent Emotions of Pain ,Pleasure & Realness

“What You Into”

It Was Short Yet I Got Into It Instantly

“Who Fwm (Outro)”

This Beat Is Also An Attention Grabber.

This Line Caught My Attention Automatically

“Ima get rich or die tryin I got a mind like 50 off a 3 five of these shrooms I think im high as Whitney”

To top it off i noticed 2to3 different rhyme patterns with this flow. Sheesh🔥…

Turkey Bag Bigs We Are Definitely Here For More of your work.

Rating This Project A Solid 8 out of 10

This is a tape you Can Really Play From Start To Finish, Beatz & Engineer were on point every song.

We Added All 3 Songs That stuck out the most to our Playlist (Insert name of the playlist) On Spotify And Apple.

Beat Maker/Producer Credit:



Track:3& 10








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