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Baby Skip “President Baby Whoop” Project Review

15 Tracks with Features From

Ju Cash, Su Banger l, Ooo Joe, Ishii Qash, and P-Rock Sean

(Songs That Stuck Out)

Track 1: "Inauguration”

Beat by Lee Choppn

You ever hear a track and wonder who is on the flute? Well soon as you listen to this track the flute alone is amazing.

Baby Skip rides the beat with ease and the hook gave me chills. I instantly added it to the playlist off of the 1st listen. I had to repeat this song before going to the next.

Track 2 “Commander-In-Chief”

Time stamp 1:18-1:28 Does something to my spirit. I had to repeat this song as well.

Track 5: “Head of State”

1st of All The Beat is so wicked and has a bounce to it. Baby Skip 1st flow change his whole mood up similar to how Sada baby does “How you get out that indictment oh you telling” 😂 Oh Yeah we need a remix with Sada Baby Asap!

Track 6: “Cabinet Meeting”

Has a upbeat to it. Making it very catchy. (I have to give credit to primo beats for that!)

Track 7: “Big Bank”

Is another banger baby skip shows he can really put a song together. different patterns mixed with different tones. This track features a female artist: Ishii Qash, she fits the song perfect & carries her own.

Track 9: “Dejavu”

A Classic Sampled that Baby Skip killed easily. this is a song you can ride to at night with your lady friend & catch the vibe.

Track 10: “Whoop Administration”

Features Ju Cash, Su Banger, ooo joe they all did they thang on here. I Just Wish it was longer 1:37

Track 11: ”Nights At The White House”

Is another one to listen to. It gives FMB DZ vibes so you know it’s heat 🔥

Track 13: “Issa Body”

Soon as I took a listen the hook caught me into it automatically. this is another different tone/flow from baby skip it’s clam& vicious at the same time . “Hellcat Launch mode b*tch I’m shifting”

Ft P-Rock Sean rides the beat Talkin to Crazy. This by far is My Favorite Track on this project.

Track 14: “ Im The President”

Another Sample We All Know. Most Detroit Artist Can’t Miss on Samples & Baby Skip One Of Them Ones They Ain’t Missed on this one.

Track15:“ Wage War”

A Struggle & Pain joint just as he states in the hook. Realness and passionate Song making it a perfect outro for this project.

Over all baby skip is here to stay & im looking forward to see what he has in store for this year. If he keep this up he is definitely on the break out. every beat was on point, every hook well thought out, & laid to perfection.

We Rate Baby Skip “President Baby Whoop” A 9/10. This project Speaks for its self.

We Also Added A lot Of These Tracks To Our Playlist (Detroit Rap News Gym/WorkFlow).

Written By @MillkMane On Instagram

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