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1031 Loui “I See What You Saying” Project Review

1031 Loui drops a new project and it honestly is fire all the way through. The mixtape features 11 songs with production by WoodOnDaBeat, War, 28madethisone, Baby9, N3lly, and BeatsByKelly. With visuals done by 12 Mile Kyle, Block Films, and KashWorldProductions.

Ig: @itsjustloui._ @1031_loui

Track 1.

Patience 1031 Loui-

Song Patience is the opening song for the album and it’s smooth delivery, clever punchlines and laid back beat opens this album correctly.

“ In a bouta cuple years, have a daughter might call her Patience. play this song back, and let her know baby, this how we made it”. Hard

Track 2.

Keep It Playa 1031 Loui-

The song title best explains this song and its content. With his smooth and playa like delivery 1031 Loui talks his shit and this song is fire…

“I been gettin up, like TaNesha wit tha pots and pans” OnSomeShitLikeDat

Track 3.

Ambition 1031 Loui-

The track Ambition is one of those mood songs. The delivery is very smooth, yet fire as most of the album is so far. The beat is hard and sinister which compliments the subject matter of the song and makes it all complete.

“I used to shop at Macys… Now I put that shit on, like im constipated. Im just sayin, I gottem stuck from the shit I’m wearin”

Track 4.

Spoon Fed 1031 Loui-

Off rip the beat is fire and “hard as hell” as Loui quotes in the intro of the song… The content of the song talks about the come up and how Loui goes from being down to being up and gettin off…

“Young nigga, I remember playin curve ball. same curve, only Hellcats and Track Hawks”

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